Gaudi and his mystery. The personality of Gaudí has a huge amount of secrets some of which are not disclosed until now. Scientists and historians do not stop to think about the mysteries of life and personality of Antonio Gaudí. Who was he?  Was he just a man truly in love with his job? A genius whose talent was clear not to everyone?  A crazy architect with extraordinary ideas? Who was Gaudi?You will find the most interesting details of his life, about a  woman who was his muse and the reason why his personal life did not work out.

The architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

Without a doubt the most famous creations of Gaudi are Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell.  Our tour of Barcelona will take you through other  important houses of Gaudi which history is as impressive. You will not only visit House Batlló, La Pedrera House, the Sagrada Familia, the crypt of the Colonia Güell and Park Güell, but also will be able to admire Casa Calvet, Casa Vicens, as well as to touch the lamps on the Royal Square created by Gaudí.

Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia – is the world famous temple of Gaudi, the most significant and mysterious of his works.It´s expected to be finished  in 2026 tocommemorate hundred years since the death of the great architect. Sagrada Familia is an impresive example of Gaudi`s personal style. He  always said: “Nothing is invented, it has been created by Nature”. During our Gaudi tour you will have an opportunity to see the massive chuch from inside avoiding the queues.

Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

The houses that are situated in the central part of Example district are the most briliant examples of Art Nouveau style. Among them there are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera by Gaudi, Casa Leo Morera by Domenech and Muntaner, Casa Amatller by Puig and Cadafalk.  Batlló House became the quintessence of ingenuity and originality of Antoni Gaudi. Residents of the city have been deeply impressed by the results of the modernization of the building and started to call it the “house of bones” or “The Dragon House. House of Bones is the most complete fantasy of the great architect.

La Pedrera is a huge residential building that was soon baptised by the Barcelona residence as the Pedrera or Stone Quarry due to its rocky outside appearance. La Pedrera house was the first building in Barcelona with underground parking. Gaudi built this house in the period of his maturity, so you can clearly see what the great genious the arcitect was.

 Park Güell.

 Park Güell, which is also called Park Gaudi, consist of a whole bunch of architectural works by Gaudi. Park Güell was started as a residential area.Catalan people just adore this magnificant place. The Gaudi mansion currently hosts Gaudi House Museum where you can observe private furniture  and other personal items of Gaudi.  

Casa Vicens and Casa Calvet.

These houses are a clear example of Gaudi originality. He never consulted with the customers and always followed  his creative impulses.The House Vicens  has Neo-Mudejar style, which attracts every tourist to make a signiture picture in front of the house. In the House of  Calvet the fantasy just explouded- the architect suggested the customer to install a drawbridge in front of the house. However, rationalism of Mr. Calvet was stronger and the bridge was never built. Nevertheless Gaudí managed to leave his own signiture- he decorated the facade with  the  mushrooms. This time Calvet did not resist – he was a great lover of forest gifts.

Would you like to know about all this in detail and see ot with your own eyes? Then you are very welcome to join our Gaudi tour!

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