private excursion to Dali
private excursion to Dali
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We pick you up early in the morning at your hotel or apartment in Barcelona and drive one hour and a half  north for a 2 hour  tour in the Dali Theatre-Museum. During our car trip you will hear all about Dali`s life, his real love and his art. This museum is the largest surrealist object all over the world. Dali wanted his museum to be like a single block, like a labyrinth.The people who come to see the museum leave with the the sensation of having had a theatrical dream. Inside we see famous Dali art works like the “Rainy Taxi, “The Basket of Bead” and “Mae West Room” and many others. We will also be able to see the Dali`s private collection of jewels.

The price includes skip-the-line Dali museum tickets, Dali jewel collection tickets and a private guided tour inside the Dali Museum.

The price for the Dali´s tour is 370 euros by car for 6 hours for 2 persons. 450 euros for 3-4 persons. 500 euros for 5 persons.

You are very welcome to join our tour !

  • Personal pick-up and drop-off in your hotel
  • Fully customizable tours
  • Total flexibility: during the tour, YOU are the VIP person